the_mighty_monarch's Demon Knights #21 - One Way review

Here There Be Giants. Two of Them

Chad Hardin's art looks SO MUCH better when he's doing his own inks as opposed to when Wayne Faucher does the inks. Unfortunately Faucher inks most of this issue. With Faucher's inks, the details are limited, and it feels like generic fairly rushed comic art. But when Hardin does his own inks, things are amazingly smoother and more painting-esque. It's really a shame he didn't ink the entire issue.

This whole issue is pretty straightforward. The door is a portal to wherever the Holy Grail may be, but its a one way trip. Jason and Vandal are decided to be the ones to go. So what mystical insane place has the Grail been hidden all this time? The freaking treasure stash of some generic giants who steal supposedly magic items just because f*** humans. Seriously. And there's only two of them. After all this buildup, the location of the Grail is just so anticlimactic. And Jason gets away with ease simply by having the Grail, and betrays Savage awesomely in the process. Once again Horsewoman is just comic relief, and the Shining Knight/Exoristos relationship problem is resolved so easily it makes you wonder whey they ever wrote in a problem in the first place.

In Conclusion: 3/5

Maybe it's being rushed due to the cancelation, but ever since this final arc began, the series has completely lost the spark of genius it once had. It was even starting to lose it as soon as Venditti came on, but he handled the plot for the the Cain story very well. But this Holy Grail arc is a major disappointment, especially for one so long teased.


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