razzatazz's Demon Knights #2 - They Shall Not Pass review

All flee

With the introductions out of the way in the first issue, this issue focuses more on the action.  With the invasion of dragons at the end of the previous issue, it is now up to the group to figure out how to deal with them.  Of course with Etrigan present the power levels of the other members is not as relevant, but there are still some fun moments showing the course of battle.  With the immediate threat passed the loose group of heroes breaks up as Etrigan grabs Xanadu and leaves abruptly as only he can, leaving the rest to mull the warning of the mysterious Horsewoman.  Of course Etrigan's plan doesn't last long and the two are brought back into the action.  As with the first issue this is one which relied more strongly on its characterizations as opposed to the relatively mundane plot.  Still it does so in an impressive fashion, leaving this as an entertaining and well presented issue.  


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