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Past Times, The Best Times 0

Last issue was a great but I was still a little confused about what was going on, however this issue is totally different. This time around I really, really, loved Demon Knights.  THE GOOD: I really like the art. It looks very different then anything else coming out from DC and I'm glad that it gives Demon Knights a very special feeling. the story is also amazing. I really liked seeing the characters talk to one another. I'm really starting to get favorite characters. I also like seeing the Quee...

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D&D Nostalgia 0

The Good: This is a great cover, highlighting all the important characters, and Tony Daniel's art compliments Diogenes Neves art in an interesting way I can't quite articulate. On the subject of Diogenes Neves artwork, I could not have asked for a better artist for this series. Nobody could've set the medieval/D&D tone of this book half as good as Neves has. His artwork is awesome, dynamic, and some sort of otherworldly ancient. And the action itself is so awesome.I didn't quite see what peo...

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Vandal Savage is awesome. 0

An unspectacular story to say the most. There isn't really anything to catch someone attention with this book other than it's mideval and it has several interesting characters that if handled right could be a very good team...or great individual characters, even though a number of characters are simply stand ins for JL characters.I'd much prefer this writer and these characters as part of JLD as the dark ages setting doesn't really make this any more interesting... on the other hand a modern day...

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All flee 0

With the introductions out of the way in the first issue, this issue focuses more on the action.  With the invasion of dragons at the end of the previous issue, it is now up to the group to figure out how to deal with them.  Of course with Etrigan present the power levels of the other members is not as relevant, but there are still some fun moments showing the course of battle.  With the immediate threat passed the loose group of heroes breaks up as Etrigan grabs Xanadu and leaves abruptly as on...

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A hard review to write 0

I really don't like writing this review. But considering my overall love for Etrigan I feel like I need to. The story in this issue is confused, messy, anachronistic, and kind of boring. The art is uneven and while there are panels that look great. Most it just looks bland and a few panels of the Demon were awful. I'm absolutely bored and uninterested in all of the Demon Knights and Etrigan as much as I love him is in so little of the comic as to have gone from virtually the main character to a ...

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The Maleficent Seven 0

The Story: The Questing Queen and Mordru send the dragons to attack the Demon Knights.  My Thoughts:This series surprised me with the first issue so much that I instantly fell in love with the story, setting and characters involved. It's quickly become one of my favorites out of the new 52. I'm really digging the medieval setting and the the dialogue from all characters of the story. The way their talking is not only appropriate for the time period, but some of it also comes off a little humorou...

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I Can't Seem to Think of An Appropriate Rhyme 0

Demon Knights is fast becoming one of my favorite comics of the New 52. I was very impressed with how well the first issue did with capturing a fairly new comic book reader who had never heard any of the characters before; it had a nice brief origin, interesting characters and a story reminiscent of an RPG fantasy novel.It worried me that the second issue might not fare nearly as well since it couldn’t rely on 25% of the pages to be an origin story again, so it would have to be all new material ...

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