the_mighty_monarch's Demon Knights #19 - As Goes Paradise, So Goes the World review

Amazons Defend!

I'm torn on how I feel about this foldout cover. On one hand, the main cover works really well on its own, and the foldout cover looks pretty great as a whole, but the main cover spoils the other half by virtue of Shining Knight being the only one missing from the main cover. And while the surprise on the foldout isn't a spoiler for the final page, it does come fairly late in the issue, leaving you waiting for the depicted moment through most of the issue.

Bernard Chang is still absolutely nailing the artwork. There's a much looser style with less of the little details of Diogenes Neves, but somehow Chang balances that out with style and dynamic combat.

It's kind of interesting to hear everyone talking about vampires in a world that apparently has very little experience with them. Without the concept to fall back on, they have to describe it using completely different and unique labels, and figuring out some of the rules as they go along. This lack of knowledge plays a huge role in a definitive decision when they discover certain aspects of the vampires' weakness.

Last issue really sold me on Jason Blood as an engaging and interesting character aside from being the host of Etrigan. I was especially impressed by his determination to stay in hell just to punish Etrigan, but Lucifer suddenly decides that this isn't the time for that, so what could've been a great plot point barely has any effect. And it once again puts Etrigan in the forefront as the most vital member of the team, something that's really getting old.

The battle itself is pretty epic. A lot is going on, but it's delivered to us in nice digestible chunks that let you process the vital points while still getting the sense of the epic scale. I did find the conclusion of the battle a little anticlimactic, as Cain just leaves, and it makes me wonder if they're ever going to cover the Demon Knights sealing him away if the series is ending so soon.

In Conclusion: 4/5

I'm sad to say that Demon Knights seems to have lost a bit of the spark that pushed it into true excellence. Venditti's storytelling just isn't as fluid as Cornell's was, and Horsewoman seems to get continually used solely for internal dialogue between her and her horse. But there's still plenty to like about the series. It's a great fantasy read that will be sorely missed come September.


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