drreneninja's Demon Knights #18 - Reunions review

Demon Knights #18 Review


In both of my previous reviews for Robert Vendetti's and BernardChang's run on Demon Knights, I can't stress just how much I've been enjoying Vendetti's and Chang's work on this title, and Issue #18 follows the same pattern.

Vendetti has kept the core of what made these character so enjoyable under Paul Cornell, but making small, nuanced differences that make the characters even more compelling. For example, we get to see alot more of Jason Blood in this issue than many others, and I'm starting to really appreciate the dualism that is present between Blood and Etrigan the Demon. Speaking of Etrigan, he's even more of a jerk now than he was under Cornell's pen, which is fine with me (I never got the whole Etrigan being on the side of good thing pre-New52).

There's not much more I can say about Bernard Chang's work than I've already haven't said. He's a good artist with great talent. Unfortunately, this is Chang's penultimate tale on Demon Knights (he's moving over to Green Lantern Corps). Chang will be missed.

While this review is short and sweet, I cannot express how much I greatly enjoy this series. I can't recommend enough to everyone who may read my review to go out and purchase a copy of Demon Knights (unfortunately, it's one of DC's lowest sellers at the moment that isn't cancelled). I've had this misfortune to read great/fun titles like Frankenstein: Agent of SHAD, I, Vampire and OMAC cancelled before they should've been. Hopefully, with all of the positive reviews, more people will read this series!


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