drreneninja's Demon Knights #17 - The Demon Bound review

Demon Knights #17 Review


I admit, when I heard Cornell was leaving Demon Knights and being replaced by Robert Venditti, I became a little worried. I greatly enjoyed Cornell's run, and I was afraid of the status quo changing. Venditti, in two issues, you've fully managed to quash any fears I have had!

Vendetti's scripting is excellent. One of the strengths of Venditti's run already is that he's giving all the Demon Knights a chance in the limelight, especially Horsewoman in this issues, as we're shown just how her powers work, which makes for a fun little scene.In addition, we get great interactions between Vandal Savage and Jason (as seen in the preview), Exoristos and Savage, Ex and Shining Knight and more. Vendetti has managed so far to carefully balance plot progression, action and character development nicely. Supported by strong, fun dialogue, Venditti has been another strong pick up for DC from the ranks of indy writers.

Bernard Chang's artwork looks great as usual. He knows how to draw action really well (which is great for a series like this), yet he also does a good job telling a story with his art, and conveying emotion through character's faces and bodies. His art is really a complete package, and enhanced with Marcelo Maiolo's coloring, we get a really nice looking comic to go along with such a strong script.

I'm so happy that Demon Knights escaped the cancellation bomb that DC threw at us. It's a fun series with its own niche (fantasy) that few other mainstream comics are doing. Venditti and Chang are doing great work here, and I hope sales on this title tick upward to help prolong this series. If you haven't been picking up this series, go and pick up this issue and the previous issue. Their both real gems, and well worth your money.

Posted by bog2814

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