bloodwolfassassin's Demon Knights #16 - The Gathering Storm review

Rhyme Hard III: Rhyme Hard with a Vengeance

Time once again for my Demon rhyming shtick

And it ain’t getting old any time quick

Today’s Demon Knights start a new story arc

And we begin with two strangers coming out of the dark

They go to a church and they seem quite excited

When the abbot let’s them in. He says they’re invited.

Not smart padre, this guy is bad news,

You should see what he did to those other dudes

The guards outside, they all lay dead

Because this creepy fellow needed to be fed

The abbot fights back with cross and prayer,

But our scary friend does not seem to care.

Before killing the abbot, he calls himself Cain.

Then bites the guy’s neck and gives his blood a drain.

Elsewhere the Horsewoman’s riding away

From whoever happens to be chasing her today.

Turns out it’s a group of guys riding Bison

And it’s the Horsewoman’s bounty they got they’re eyes on

They kill her poor horse and drag her away

And throw her in a dungeon where they hope she will stay.

But she’s not alone, Exorsistos is there

Along with Shining Knight. (She looks cute with short hair)

Some guy shows up and he’s mighty pissed

He didn’t want our heroes treated like this

Turns out Al Jabr ordered them brought here

He’s sorry they were mistreated and tells them to not fear.

Ex says Jabr is old, while the years go right past her

So Jabr was the only one who aged? The poor bastard

Jabr owns a city now, a technological glory.

But the others don’t appreciate it, let’s get back to the story.

Al Jabr has gathered them to confront the evil Cain

Before he causes all Europe much pain

And Cain has a secret weapon, a Vampire Amazon

And Ex can’t believe such a thing is going on.

Cain is powerful and pretty damn scary

The others may not be strong enough, the situation is hairy.

They can’t beat Cain, but there is one who can,

None other than the Demon, Etrigan.

But there’s a bit of a problem, Jason’s being ravaged

Since he’s a prisoner of our pal Vandal Savage.

He’s having a blast torturing Mr. Blood,

In exactly the way our friend Vandal would

He’d call for the Demon, but Jason’s mouth’s been burned shut

And we end with Vandal stabbing him in the gut.

What Works:

It’s a new story and it’s looking pretty good

Exactly like I expected it would.

I can’t wait to see what happens next time

I will be here and yes I’ll still rhyme

What Doesn’t:

Not much I can think of minor things here and there,

Like Ex and Knights relationship ending out of nowhere.



A solid issue and a decent start

We may have a new team, but we haven’t lost the heart.

It’s true that I’ll be missing Paul Cornell

But so far Rob Venditti is doing quite well

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Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Brilliant rhyme

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