bloodwolfassassin's Demon Knights #15 - The Moment of Forgetting review

Rhyming Again

Well, once again it’s Demon Knights time,

Which means another review that’s in rhyme.

I’m sure that this gimmick will get old pretty quick

But you loved it last time, so for now’s it’s gonna stick.

When we last left our heroes, they were pretty much f*cked

Between the Horde and the Hell Army, they’re sh*t out of luck

Xanadu’s quick thinking helps them flee the scene

Just as Etrigan escapes the Questing Queen.

Hey, Etrigan is rhyming, isn’t that just great?

That’s my job now pal, this is too little too late

He returns to the devil and gets down on his knees,

But slick Lucy looks at him all like, “B*tch please.”

So Etrigan tells his boss to take this job and shove it,

Oh this comic, did I mention how much I love it.

Back with our heroes, Merlin’s Corpse starts shining bright,

Because he’s summoning King Arthur into the fight.

Vandal sees Arthur fighting the devil,

And thinks, I think I can fight on their level

He thinks Historians will love a battle so viscious,

Go ahead dude, I’m sure they’re delicious.

Merlin starts talking, a feat for dead guys,

He wants water, the kind that falls from the sky

Al Jabr uses his gizmo and makes it Rain on dem hoes

Making Lucifer vulnerable to King Arthur’s blows.

Etrigan Snatches Merlin, Vengeance at last!

Then Merlin zaps him and he falls flat on his ass.

Now that Jason and Etrigan are in the same place,

Jason punches the Demon right in his face.

Lucifer is losing so he goes back to hell

And the queen and her boyfriend depart as well

Then Merlin starts screaming, his pain hitting the hardest,

Don’t worry, he’ll be fine when he gets back to the TARDIS

Yes, I’m still on about that, It’s sort of what I do.

I believe everything to be in canon with Doctor Who

If you doubt he’s the Doctor, then you’re in for frustration,

Because in the next panel he goes through his next regeneration

He’s all young now, he’s a pretty good looking man,

If he shaved he’d look a bit like Paul McGann

Then Merlin puts Etrigan back with Jason

Because they’ve a Destiny that they need to be facin’

So then the team is sent back to Earth once again

Only to part ways, there’s a bittersweet end.

What Works:

A great book as always well worth your time

And hey, I got to review it in rhyme

What Doesn’t:

The ending was sad and a little bit weird

Especially when the next arc jumps ahead 30 years.

I feel like there’s more to be done in this time,

But either way, I’ll be ready to rhyme



A solid issue with only minor flaws,

Now y’all enjoy your upcoming visit from Santa Claus

Hopefully he’ll bring you your hearts delight

Like a trade paperback of Demon Knights.

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