dark_noldor's Demon Knights #14 - Occupy Hell review

Shining Knight sex revealed

The team is in hell and while Lucifer is being played by Etrigan who is being played by the Questing Queen who is being played by Jason Blood who is being played by Etrigan who is being played by Lucifer, Madame Xanadu (who is being played by Etrigan) is desperately trying to save her companions from Hell's tortures and find her and themselves a way out. I really like this intrigue, this endless deceit and betrayall that permeates in this group, so this feelling of "who's betraying who" is very interesting, gives a very "noir" mood to the plot. I do miss Diogenes Neves in the art, but Bernard Chang is doing a good job, though not spectacular. The best thing about this issue was definitely the dialogues between the Shining Knight and Exoristos (who's also a potential betrayer). You could say that the way things turned out to be, even all of them saying "this is too easy", was naive (at best) or stupid, but this title delivers action and where there's Savage must be blood, so it's fitting that this group will be involved in another bash, this time in Avalon (and please, someone wake up Merlin already!)


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