bloodwolfassassin's Demon Knights #14 - Occupy Hell review

It's Rhyme Time

I’ve come to a decision during my reading

And I’m still mad about the thing this story is needing

I know they explained why this is, but still,

If Etrigan won’t rhyme then damn it, I will!

We open with Jason ambushed by the horde,

About to slit his own throat with a sword.

The Queen offers to help Jason get into hell,

And she’s totally trustworthy, I can just tell.

Meanwhile, Shining Knight has located Vandal,

Who’s probably happy he’s not dealing with Scandal.

These other little brats don’t pack the same punch,

Hell, I’m surprised he didn’t eat them for lunch.

And now everyone is together again,

And all of them are pissed off at ol’ Etrigan

Speak of the devil, Etrigan attacks!

Incidentally, Vandal could go for a snack

Cut to Xanadu, who’s been out of the loop,

She’s busy turning a purple demon to goop.

She’s casting a spell… yeah I think that’s right

Eh, this is boring, lets get back to the fight.

Etrigan boasts that his foes are outclassed,

But the knight shuts him up by being Badass.

The Horde helps Jason, but its part of their Schemin’

To send him to hell, and ensnare the Demon.

Meanwhile Lucifer readies Hell’s Hordes

And it’s quite amusing how he sounds so bored.

A portal to Avalon is made by Xanadu

Which is exactly what Lucifer wants her to do

Exorsistos expresses her love for the knight,

But it’s unclear what he or she is packing in them tights.

Neither man nor woman, but a mix of the two.

“I could be dating a man” says Ex, “Ewww!”

A bit later, Jason and Xan reunite,

As they walk through the portal and into the light.

They meet Avalon’s Guardians, and they say you can’t beat ‘em.

Too bad they’re made of metal, now Vandal can’t eat’ em.

Then Lucifer shows up, with an army that looks mean,

Followed closely by the forces of the Questing Queen.

With Hell poised to attack and the Horde there too,

It looks like our heroes thoroughly screwed.

What Works:

Many character moments, all of them good.

Each character behaving how they logically should.

The design of Lucifer is brilliantly done.

Vandal is great, psychotic and fun.

What Doesn’t:

I can’t think of much, this issue is fine,

And surprisingly easy to review in rhyme.



Demon Knights is great book, well written with great art.

If you’re not reading it yet, then it's high time you start.

Posted by RazzaTazz

That is probably the most clever review in the history of CV. Nominate this in the community spotlight thread so that I don't forget.

Posted by BumpyBoo

This is such a brilliant idea, and so much fun to read. Wow. Thank you very much for this :)

Posted by Bloodwolfassassin

@BumpyBoo: You're welcome, I had a blast writing it

Posted by Sideslash

Very nice. You should do all your reviews like this.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

This is amazing dude. Bravo.

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