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It has been way too long since I’ve posted one of my regular reviews. I’ve been a little busy with personal stuff and the like. Today, I attempt to remedy that by reviewing Demon Knights. That always cheers me up.

So we start with Jason flipping out because Etrigan has sent everyone else to hell. He tries to summon him from hell, but it no longer works.

Down in hell, we see Etrigan bowing to Lucifer who is finding Etrigan’s betrayal very amusing. His only problem is that Etrigan has failed to deliver Avalon, and Lucifer wants it. Good luck with that dude, the Archmage tried that once and he got stopped by Goliath and King Arthur. You see, Lucifer has had his demons select an ironic torment for each of Etrigan’s allies, except Xanadu, she’s just Etrigan’s booty call now, as he wanted it. Al Jabr is trapped in a barren wasteland with nothing but whine to drink, but drinking whine is against his religion, The Horsewoman, whose name we learn is actually Sarah is being forced to relive the incident that robbed her of her ability to walk, Exorsistos is trapped just outside paradise island, unable to return while Lucifer tempts her to betray her friends. Shining Knight is being forced to come out of the closet, god I wish I was kidding, and Vandal Savage is being slowly tortured by all of his bastard children. Thank god Scandal isn’t around yet, otherwise this would be a lot more painful for Savage. I particularly love it when Vandal has to read off every sin he’s ever committed and seems to enjoy every minute of it. Meanwhile Shining Knight escapes her torment because “Admit your true nature” is easily trumped by “F*ck you, I have a sword”

Our comic ends with Jason being ambushed by an all too familiar foe.

What Works:

This series continues to surprise me. Great storytelling combined with great characters makes for a great book. I also continue to like the design and attitude of Lucifer, the design keeps the fallen angel concept intact and his attitude reminds me of Lucifer from supernatural, who was awesome.

What Doesn’t:

Not much



Demon Knights continues to be the underdog title that shows everyone it’s a top contender. Keep up the good work.


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