the_mighty_monarch's Demon Knights #10 - The Once and Always King review

Farming For Experience Points

I don't need to talk about this cover at this point do I? Read the beginning of my other recent Demon Knights reviews, my opinion of this cover is basically what I've said about the past few covers. To summarize, "Yay, cool cover; boo, I can't fully appreciate it because Etrigan's WAY overused on them and isn't the 'main' character. We have like 6 other equally important characters. USE THEM for god's sake."

Also, actually this cover isn't the best representation of this issue. Encountering zombie King Arthur happens at the end, and he looks more like a random soldier than an actual king; most of the issue is about them GETTING to that situation.

We've got Diogenes Neves on full art duty again, and he's bringing his A-Game back. Vandal Savage punches a pirate sea serpent in the face. It's as awesome as it should be. In fact, everyone seems to get little moments of awesomeness in this issue, if you had someone explain to you the basic arc, this would not be a half bad place to start. Madame Xanadu uses some magic, Jason Blood uses.... his handsomeness (Yes, I'm completely serious.) Vandal Savage is the muscular wild card (Still serious), Al Jabr, Exoristos, and Horsewoman (all the new characters) get general moments flashing their talents, and technically they probably needed to shine more. Oh and my main (wo?)man Shining Knight gets to strutt his/her stuff, and gets the best subsequent line from Exoristos. Cornell's REALLY having fun with Shining Knight's androgyny.

Basically, all the characters are firing on all cylinders, and the storyline is interesting; this issue's only real shortcoming is the pacing. This is an issue involving the journey, and when the journey requires little misadventures; proper pacing IS pretty tough. The flow of time needs to avoid being drawn out or rushed. This issue leans a tad into rushed territory, but not TOO far.

In Conclusion: 4.5/5

This is just about a perfect issue, or at least a perfect breather issue. We're in the middle of an epic story arc in the making, and the team's still got time to battle giant wolves or poke subtle fun at Shining Knights gender. Every character is given proper focus, and that results in a very smooth and enjoyable issue. Not the best, but a damn fine general representation of the series. And the end of the issue promises a superb next issue.


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