mattiebatslayer's Demon Knights #1 - Seven Against the Dark review

Reads like an RPG

Note: If you have read any of my other reviews, they all mention that I am new to comics as of September 2011. I finally took the plunge and have bought all the #1 issues of The New 52. I will be reviewing some of the most notably well down and poorly done, as well as a blog post just ranking them.

I've just gotta say that this was a very cool comic! I am a longtime RPG gamer and I just got lost into this issue while I was reading it. It was one of the most well done comics of The New 52, in my opinion. There was a quick origin of how Jason Blood & Etrigan came to be one, which is an awesome concept, as well who Madam Xanadu is.

The artwork was beautiful and exactly the type of thing you would love to picture in your mind if you were reading a fantasy book like Forgotten Realms. I'm very, very excited to keep reading this comic!

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Posted by shawn87

This series keeps getting better. I always look forward to the next issue

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