tchrevor's Demon Knights #1 - Seven Against the Dark review

Justice League Medieval

There is something about this book that really pleases me, but I'm not sure what it is. It ends up reading like Justice League: Medieval, with a group of individuals thrown together to combat evil. I know a little about Etrigan, but I've never read anything depicting him in the past like this. It really works for him; he doesn't feel as ridiculous as he does in the present day.

There is very little decompression in this issue and things get moving very quickly. I like that it doesn't drag its feet when it comes to storytelling, which if this could be considered a Justice League book (which I do consider it) then it's yet another one that gets things moving faster than Justice League #1.

It's an exciting issue and it feels very fresh in this New 52. I'm on board.


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