razzatazz's Demon Knights #1 - Seven Against the Dark review

Sword in hand

To be honest I had no real interest in this series until I saw in the second issue cover a character that looked a lot like Wonder Woman (I am biased, that is no surprise.) I have never been a big fan of the character of Etrigan, mostly because I have generally felt that he was out of place or poorly used among super heroes. Here though he is used and used brilliantly. I liked almost every single aspect of this issue, from the interesting visuals (that is to say not just the art but the way it was portrayed as well) to the introduction or re-introduction of new characters. I particularly liked the re-imagining of Madame Xanadu. The story is pure medieval nonsense, but it is absolutely fun and funny as well and relies more on its characters than on the marauding armies-dragons attack frame of the plot. Overall I was quite impressed by this, and really this is probably one of the more overlooked books of the new 52, as no one has really been talking about it.


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