graphiccasualfreak's Demon Knights #1 - Seven Against the Dark review

Etrigan! No!

I love Etrigan, he is one of my oldest, most favorite characters from the DC Universe. I like this story but about half way through it seemed like someone had been reading too many World of Warcraft comics. I just don't find this kind of thing compelling in my DC comics. I wanted this entire issue and perhaps the next few issues to be a three page prologue to a comic set in modern times. Perhaps that's where this comic is going to end up. But as long as there are Demon Knights I'll be reading. I loved the art and most of the dialogue.

But I had to take some off for the pure fact that this book is the easy way out. Creating modern, non-team, Etrigan books is incredibly hard. But I will be happy when they finally get around to it.


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