crimsonavenger's Demon Knights #1 - Seven Against the Dark review

Simply brilliant

Simply amazing Artwork there.

Disappointing me with both accessibility and story in Stormwatch, I really hoped Paul Cornell's Demon Knights would be much better. After reading the first couple pages, I was sucked in; not only by the absolutely breathtaking art but the story of Etrigan as well.

Etrigan isn't exactly the most well known DC character but he's always been a favorite of mine and I've been waiting for him to get a book sometime soon and I'm glad he has a book currently. Cornell does a very good job at introducing to Medeival England and Etrigan himself. We are first introduced to him when we see that he is being imprisoned by Merlin. Jason Blood then enters the room and is bonded with the Demon Etrigan by Merlin.

As a fan of Etrigan, I obviously recognize all these characters like Mordru but others don't and Paul Cornell is able to introduce these old characters and completely overhaul them for new readers. The Medeival Era of the DCU is something we've only seen bits of with Etrigan and some of the others Medeival heroes of the DCU but with this, we get a book set entirely in a world before superheroes where Magic reigned supreme.

Much credit has to go artist Diogenes Neves whose work on this book is simply breathtaking. Of course his art would still be great but wouldn't be like it is in the book without colorist Marcelo Maiolo. Both guys simply poured their hearts out on this issue and it looks incredible. I hate to say it, but you could buy this issue just for the combined work of those two guys.

I had no idea that there was going to be a team in this book but having Jason Blood lead a team (Madame Xanadu, Sir Ystin, Vandal Savage, Exoristos, Al Jabr, and Horsewoman) of Medeival Era heroes is actually a cool idea. I'm curious as to why Vandal Savage was chosen to be on the team but I suppose that instead of having to create another character, Paul Cornell decided to use a character that isn't too often and I guess Vandal Savage fits the bill.

I honestly can say this is the best thing I've read from DC in a while. I love the Medeival Era and I love this book. Etrigan is a great character and I'm glad DC recognizes that. This title is worth picking up for both the art and the story. If you don't love this the way I do or everyone else has, then that's your problem. I never would have expected to see a book like this and while It ended sort of abruptly, that just made me want to get the second issue even faster.


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