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Demon Knights and Magical Days.

This series had a a feel of Matt Wagner's Madame Xanadu run for Vertigo and if you enjoyed this issue I suggest you go out and pick up the Vertigo trades.

The Demon holds a special place in my heart because I first cared for the character in Alan Moore's landmark Swamp Thing run, when Etrigan was the rhyming demon. With the new 52 being "accessible", I think Paul Cornell does a good job of establishing the key players and working with the classic literature characters set in the DCU's historical past, such as Merlin.

With this series being set in the past, it is not held down with continuity of the rest of the other books and this plays in its advantage. Paul Cornell is now creating a definitive origin of Etrigan, much like Matt Wagner was doing with Xanadu. This series is also I nice primer for Justice League Dark (JLD) since Xanadu will be playing a part in it. Xanadu in the past was fairly mysterious and seeing her in this series, along with her Vertigo run would help the enjoyment of her role in JLD,

I enjoyed this issue and really have no major problems with it, it is fairly accessible, it is paced well, leaves with a cliff-hanger and it has Etrigan and Madame Xanadu. This was not the best issues of the week dealing with the 52, because Batwoman was the solid winner, but this is definitely an enjoyable read and a nice change from capes and Superheroes.


- Silkcuts


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