bloodwolfassassin's Demon Knights #0 - The Prologue review

Would've liked to see more Vandal Savage

So we begin with Etrigan as Lucifer's lapdog, but he's rhyming so its alright. Etrigan has secret wishes to overthrow Lucifer and hatches a plan to put that into motion.

Meanwhile in Camelot, Jason or Norwich is frustrated with merlin because Merlin looks down on him. Arthur wants to go easy on the king, but Merlin thinks that discipline is the way to go, he also alludes to the fact that he is not everything that Arthur thinks he is. Then, Jason blows up part of the castle with botched magic and in his frustration, puts his hands on the king, a big no-no in those days.

Back in hell, Etrigan is slaughtering Demon after Demon to gather followers for his rebellion against Lucifer. I love the look on that one demon's face who just watches and goes "Is he really going to do this all day?"

Back on earth, Jason is in Jail and talking to Xanadu, reestablishing their love for each other for new readers. Arthur pardons the boy and suggests that Merlin to read Jason's future, which means paying a visit to Morgaine Le Fay. I love their conversation, it totally comes off as a "crazy ex girlfriend" Scenario.

Back in Hell, Etrigan has gained several followers and has gotten Lucifers attention. Merlin comes to visit Lucifer and reveals that he is Lucifers son. Uh....... what? That's new. Not sure how to feel about that. Anywho, Etrigan continues his assault on Lucifers Stronghold until the man himself pops up and says that he allowed this to happen because it amused him. Etrigan is sent through a portal to earth where he's trapped by Merlin, just as Camelot gets attacked by what appears to be a UFO.

Earlier, Merlin discovered that he needed to change Jason's Destiny and then bonds Jason to Etrigan. The two are apprehensive about trusting one another but eventually cut a deal that will benefit them both.

What Works:

The dialogue is great, humorous and well written and the story is solid. Also, I really like the design of Lucifer. We've dispensed with the Cliche ugly Red Devil and made Lucifer a handsome fallen angel, very nicely done.

What Doesn't:

Not sure how I feel about Merlin as the son of the devil. Also, my quota of Vandal Savage was unfortunately not fulfilled. In fact, none of the other team members were in this.



A solid issue and a decent story. Could have used some stories about the other Demon Knights, but perhaps more will be revealed about them as time goes on.

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