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Demolitia's story.

Marita Chavez was a simple woman just trying to make her way in the world, living with her mother, a Latin American immigrant, in the city of Metropolis. During the Fall of Metropolis however, a dying Lex Luthor attempted to destroy the city with missiles, with Marita winding up trapped beneath the rubble of a destroyed building for days. She was eventually found, but not by rescuers; she was instead found by a vicious group of thugs who used and abused her as they pleased. Marita swore that if she survived her ordeal she would dedicate her life to keeping others from becoming victims like her.

After truly being rescued, Marita made a series of presumably illicit deals in order to acquire the technology that Bloodsport had used to teleport weapons to himself, and she worked out until she had the body of an Olympic bodybuilder. Assured by the strength and power she had attained for herself, Marita donned a costume similar to the original Bloodsport, and set herself up as the vigilante, Demolitia.


Demolitia was created by writer David Michelinie and artist Kieron Dwyer. She first appeared in 1996's Action Comics #718.

Major Story Arcs

By Darker Reason

Teleporting a gun into her hand.

After saving a woman from some muggers with deadly force, Demolitia set her sights on a bigger target. Richie Corday, an unscrupulous arms dealer, had recently been acquitted and Demolitia was going to make sure a more fitting sentence was meted out. She tracked Corday down to one of his factories, but didn't expect him to have former LexCorp guards with full body armor working for him, nor did she expect Superman to intervene. They fought the LexCorp guards together, but Superman made sure she wasn't killing anyone. What ultimately stopped Demolitia though was when one of Corday's factory workers pleaded with her to stop, as she was destroying their livelihood. Regretful that she had created only more victims in her crusade, Demolitia used her teleporters to send herself away.

Dark Victory: Bad Riddance!

Demolitia's next major target wound up being the man responsible for her abuse in the ruins of Metropolis: Lex Luthor. Infiltrating LexCorp under the name "Irene Diego," Demolitia sought to get as close to Luthor as possible. Following sabotage at LexCorp however, an investigation revealed inconsistencies in the resume of "Irene Diego" and made her the prime suspect. When she noticed the increased security shadowing her, "Irene" figured her cover had been blown and started shooting her way through LexCorp security.

Facing off with Luthor.

The true saboteur had struck again however, causing a nuclear waste disposal experiment to run rampant and threaten to go nuclear. Lex Luthor rushed to sever the cables of a power conduit to shut the experiment down before it could kill thousands and result in a massive lawsuit against LexCorp. "Irene" had now donned her Demolitia outfit and found Luthor as he was working on this. She told Luthor of the torment he had subjected her to because of his bombing of Metropolis, and intended to kill him to keep Luthor from producing more victims. Luthor then informed Demolitia of the countless victims she'd create if she stopped Luthor from shutting down the experiment, and the only way to stop it was if she helped him sever the power conduit cables, since neither one of them was strong enough to do it on their own. Demolitia relented and together she and Luthor prevented the nuclear meltdown. She was about to resume with her attempt to kill Luthor but armed LexCorp guards arrived and Demolitia was forced to teleport away in order to live to fight another day. Luthor later discovered that Demolitia hadn't been the saboteur he was looking for.

The Witch & The Warrior: Girl Frenzy

When the evil sorceress Circe transformed all the male heroes of the JLA, JSA, Titans, and Young Justice into creatures of fantasy for a veritable legion of super-villains to hunt down, Demolitia was briefly seen among these villains but wound up being taken out by Troia in the ensuing chaos.

Powers & Abilities

Agile and deadly in combat.

Demolitia has access to teleportation devices that allows her to teleport weapons and equipment in from a fixed location to herself. These devices are wrapped around her wrists with the triggers located on her palms, which can be activated with but a touch of her fingers. She can also teleport herself away with these devices by holding her hands in a prayer position, presumably sending her to the fixed location where her armament is located.

The weaponry Demolitia has access to includes countless guns and explosives, both lethal and non-lethal, and she is well trained in their use.

Demolitia also possesses the above average strength of a woman in excellent physical condition. Despite her bulk, she is also still considerably agile in combat.

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