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Almost nothing is known about Delta-Void's past before he came through a plasma-gate to New York City to revive Paradoxx.


Created by Bill Maus as an enemy for Nira-X.

Character Evolution

Saved by Paradoxx from a time-loop prison, Delta-Void arrived in New York City by going through a plasma-gate, set in a government science facility. The facility housed an inert state of Paradoxx. Delta-Void encountered Nira-X before his teammate Quid revived Paradoxx. During the fight against Nira-X, a time-portal is accidently opened and Delta-Void is pulled through to 1995.

In Central Park, Paradoxx stole the time-element (needed to rewrite history in his own image) from a group of rebels. Nira-X shot the time-element, saving the universe. Delta-Void was supposed to return to his own present-day reality, but was somehow returned to New York City, though slightly altered. Paradoxx planned to blow up the city by sealing the underground water conduits, overheating the power stations. Nira-X foiled their plan again. Seeing no way out but retreat, Delta-Void fled the scene with his allies Millenia and Quid.

Several weeks later, he and Millenia were seen in the Carribean as members of the Oasis, a secret organization bent on world domination by time travelling.


Delta-Void has a bio-synthetic body, which enables him to assimiliate metals and other synthetic materials to grow. He can use the extra mass to alter his own form.

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