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Bounty Hunter Life

Deliah Blue is a bounty hunter who works with Cade Skywalker aboard his ship. Cade and his crew work directly for a pirate named Rav, who rescued Cade from space after the massacre on Ossus. Deliah Blue is in love with Cade Skywalker and has always been loyal to him. Her and Cade's friend and fellow bounty hunter, Jariah Syn helps them on their bounty hunter work but does not interfere with the relationship. For years Deliah and her fellow bounty hunters formed a three man team, finding their targets and sending them to Rav. They even captured Jedi. She is also the chief mechanic of the Mynock, which is Cade's ship.

Deliah's love intrest

Breakup of the Team

When Deliah and Jariah learned that Cade was a Jedi, the three man team of mercenaries broke up. Jariah despised Jedi with a stern distaste, while Deliah still loved Cade and would not betray him. Cade wanted to go his own separate way to avoid conflict all together. So Cade abandoned his friends. Deliah and Jariah were later captured by the Empire because Rav set them up. They were interrogated and forced to disclose the location of Cade.


Later, Deliah and her friend Jariah reunited with Cade and continued their adventures on board the Mynock. Since then, this trio has stuck together, enduring hardships and trials together. Deliah still has a love interest in Cade and a strong friendship with Jariah.

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