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After the fall of the Templar, Deishun came the Cricket's Glen as the blacksmith, keeping his past deeds a secret. He took in a recently orphaned mouse named Leito and raised him as his son and made him his apprentice. He told Leito stories of the Templar and secretly trained him to be one.

When Pilot the Tall comes to his store hinting that he is also a Templar, Deishun turns him away, not wanting to bring trouble to the peaceful village. Soon after an army of rats attack the village looking for remaining Templars and Deishun is slain while defending the villagers. His sword is taken up by Leito, but he is no match for the Rat leader Captain Tosk, who swiftly cuts his arm off. Leito is taken as a slave and Deishun's sword is brought to the Mouse King Icarus in Dealrach Ard-Vac.

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