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Deirdre could be the Lady of the Lake or at least she serves this role in young Jack's story. She offered to help train him and prepare him to fight off against the monstrous tyrant Empyrean. Not informing him that she was once associated with him. MacDuff didn't trust her for a moment, due to her being a witch and believed witches like her always had an agenda. Being either naive or due to his attraction to her, Jack didn't believe it. After meeting her again, Deirdre would take advantage of his crush on her and she became his "first" sexual partner. However, after the days of training, once they reached Empyrean's station he discovered that Empyrean was not the tyrant people had informed him.

For he knew nothing about the accusations on him, stating his station provided him with what he wanted. And he had know no need for virgins as he preferred women with experience. Briefly recalling one Witch o'the Woods, but stated it ended badly. To which Deirdre angrily stated to him that he threw her out of the airlock. Showing they were lovers, though what she did to hurt Empyrean so much was never stated. Jack was stunned to realized that Deirdre had lied to him all along and all for a personal vendetta against an old lover.

But Deirdre got what she wanted when Jack beheaded Empyrean to protect her. But afterwards, Jack stated he never wanted to see or speak to her ever again.

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