Defile Capability Thread

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Someone made a battle thread with Defile and I was going to post his fight with Majestic to show that he's pretty tough, then I thought I might as well go through his appearances since World's End (the ones that I could think of anyway) because there weren't that many so it wouldn't take long. Then I figured I might as well put them here where they could be found again later if necessary, so here, I present to you DEFILE!

Defile is a physical powerhouse on the level of other Daemonite Lords (Helspont) and the strongest of their foes (Maul and Majestic). Here he is in a fight with Maul displaying high levels of strength, durability, and healing. He also displays size changing and laser vision.

Here is his fight with Majestic. There's also some energy thrown around by Defile and examples of him tanking Majestic's laser vision.

Psychic powers. Defile is an accomplished psychic manipulator. He doesn't read mind or shoot psychic blasts (not saying he can't), but he is incredibly skilled at manipulating how the brain works, something that some people call psychic surgery. There are two separate examples here. In the first, he's attacked by what's basically a Daemonite version of Hulk (or Hulk version of Daemonite) and he makes it power down with a simple command. The second has him explaining his psychic powers and demonstrating how he can change what people perceive and also rapidly re-organize someone's brain to do things like unlock their powers.

Here's some stuff I was going to call "miscellaneous" but I think I'll just refer to it all as magic. He talks about some magic, holds flames in his hands, and in the last one he pulls another Daemonite out of the body she was possessing (and he's also healing his eyes back, but that's just a physical thing, not magic).

I don't know what to call this. It could be stealth, it could be a measure of skill, it could even be his psychic powers at work, but somehow, Defile gets behind Nemesis and restrains her. Nemesis is not only one of the best fighters on the planet, but she has empathic powers that allow her to do things like read moves and know exactly where people are if they feel anything towards her at all and that's been quite clearly shown to work on Daemonites. Somehow Defile gets to her though.

And here is Defile from the World's End backup story. The whole thing is basically him against Rapier, the best sorcerer of his people (Defile says he can channel more power, but Rapier is more skillful), but below is the actual confrontation preceded by what Defile does to get power. Defile takes an artifact filled with emotional power and takes the fight to Rapier. He loses.


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I hate how they discount Mr Majestic so easily and say that his villains are nothing compared to supes. Thanks and nice scans

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