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Defensor was a construction worker operating an excavating machine digging the foundation for an apartment building he found a hidden underground passageway that led to labyrinth of catacombs beneath. In one of the chambers he found a suit of armor resembling that of the Spanish Conquistadors of the Fourteenth Century. The armor is made of vibranium.  

Story Arcs

The Contest Of Champions
The Grandmaster and an individual called the Unknown challenged each other to the Game of Champions which was a tournament involving numerous heroes possessing superhuman powers. Defensor was teleported to a giant arena while he was fending off a paramilitary group in Argentina. Defensor is one of the twelve members selected on the Grandmaster's team and the object of the contest is to battle members of the Unknown's team to gather the most pieces of the Golden Globe of Life which was separated into four pieces. The game begins so Defensor, She-Hulk and Captain Britain would face off against Iron Man, Sabra and the Arabian Knight in a western ghost town. The team splits up and Defensor finds himself in a barroom brawl against Iron Man. His shield would repel Iron Man's repulsor blast back at him but the golden Avenger eventually overpowers Defensor. Defensor is punched through a door and he crashes into his teammate Captain Britain. Both members are taken out and the Arabian Knight finds their piece of the golden globe for the Unknown's team.
A villain named Zeitgeist killed him and many South American  superheroes.   


Defensor was created by Mark Gruenwald, Bill Mantlo, Steven Grant and John Romita Jr in 1982 and first appeared in Contest of Champions # 1.  

Powers & Abilities

Defensor wears a suit of armor composed of vibranium which grants him enhanced strength. He could lift 2000 pounds while wearing the suit and has some knowledge in hand-to-hand combat.  


Defensor wears a suit composed of vibranium that can absorb all forms of energy and protects him from ballistic projectiles up to large anti-tank weaponry. Defensor carries a shield made of vibranium which is used for added protection and can be thrown for offensive assaults.

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