Who is your favorite Defender?

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The list is long and debatable, but who is your all-time favorite Defender?
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my favorite defender is namor

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mine is dr strange
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Classical Strange was great

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The Hulk

#7 Posted by Deadcool (6818 posts) - - Show Bio

Doctor Strange!

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i love valkyrie

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#11 Posted by PrinceIMC (5422 posts) - - Show Bio

I gotta go with Valkyrie.

#12 Posted by Kairan1979 (16900 posts) - - Show Bio

My favorite Defender is the Hulk.

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I have to go with Silver Surfer.

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Daredevil, Son Of Satan Hulk,, (for the men) and Seraph, Red Guardian and Valkyrie (for the women)!


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I dig Hellcat.

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Power Man

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