Defending Fraction's Defenders

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I realize that there are many people on the fence about Fraction's new Defenders run (its first issue releases today).

Defenders 2012 Issue 1B Neal Adams Variant

I am keeping my mind open to the possibility that this series will not only last, but actually be great.

It already seems to tie-in nicely to a few other books/arcs already published by Marvel:

I wrote my own Review, if anyone is interested: The Impossible Is Here!

I also added some wiki information in the issue details (contains spoilers for the issue). Between the review and the issue details, you should be able to get an idea of the flow, art and writing execution within the book...

In any case, I look forward to reading what this series has in store. I hope you want to take this journey with me. If not, I will still be reading and reviewing as the months pass - so you can at least keep tabs on its progress.


Special Thanks to Queen City Bookstore! :)

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I look forward to this, but you don't need to put spoiler tags on the issue page, regardless of how new the issue is. See this thread.

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@Renchamp: Thanks for the information and the reference. To be honest, they are more of a hassle than anything else.

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I really liked the issue, It will fill a nice little hole in my pull list where Avengers used to sit. That Iron Fist comment made me LOL

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@thanosrules: Agreed. When I used to use them I always felt like I was slipping something past the comic gods. Now I know the comic gods smile upon information, and wide dispersal, at that!

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I just read some sad news--this title's being cancelled after issue 12.

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@Darkmount1: Hmmm. Sigh. Well I guess the story was a bit too non-mainstream for most folks. I do like the fact that Fraction is ramping up to take on Fantastic Four and FF... so maybe we will see the Silver Surfer again there...

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@thanosrules: It's really bad for me because this was the only modern Big Two title I followed fully. Looks like I'll be the proud owner of a maxiseries.

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@Darkmount1: Sigh. That does suck. :( I am not sure what you are into, but there are some other FANTASTIC Marvel series out now... Winter Soldier, Venom, Daredevil, Punisher - and though they are new, Captain Marvel and Hawkeye are pretty great as well. Oh, and Avengers Assemble is pretty great, it takes until issue 3 to get a foothold, but definitely worth it if you are a cosmic fan at all...

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@thanosrules: My blogs on this site explain a bit more of what my tastes are like, but I'm a guy who grew up with the DCAU and MAU, which I feel are a bit superior to the mess of things (with some good reads, according to most people) that is modern superhero comics. I want to check out the new Hawkeye and Captain Marvel series, but I honestly think that the pricing is idiotic and that we should be getting full stories in one thing instead of a fraction of one. (I do have exceptions.) As of late, the series that I do follow are all IDW, which are (in order of already concluded to in-progress):

-Danger Girl: Revolver

-Trio by John Byrne

-Transformers: Regeneration One

I am also a devotee of the quarter bins.

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