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For the third time in a row: a classic Defender returns, but not in the way you think! As Pluto's legions of the dead storm the realm of the living, the truth about Valkyrie is revealed! Plus, in all likelihood, the Hulk will smack Namor upside the head.

Detailed Summary

The Defenders battle against Pluto's army of the undead, while he continues to fight against Lorelei. Suddenly, Brunnhilde the Valkyrie shows up at the head of an army of valkyries. Samantha Parrington finally breaks free of Pluto's spell and joins them. Between them, they manage to defeat the undead army.

Then Zeus shows up and Pluto and Lorelei flee.

Brunnhilde gives Parrington her sword and horse and tells her to carry on the name of Valkyrie among the Defenders; Brunnhilde goes back to Asgard.

Namor wants the others to come with him to Atlantis, which has been invaded by Attuma, but Dr. Strange reminds him that they (Strange, Namor, Surfer, and Hulk) have been cursed, and they may be pulled away to a new location by magic at any moment. Strange says they must research the curse. The "big four" Defenders argue and most of the split up, leaving Nighthawk, Parrington, Hellcat, and Strange as a team.

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