thanosrules's Defenders #2 - Breaker of Worlds Part 2: The Prize of New Avalon review

Thinking outside the box: "Scare Me"


The story starts to unfold. There is an expected (and somewhat acceptable) twist to the leftover fight from issue one. The previous cliffhanger is resolved and we learn what kind of power Iron Fist really has...

We also learn an interesting lesson from Betty - thinking outside the box. Literally. Which, unfortunately was the highlight of the issue for me. In the process, we are outsiders on what the good Doctor whispers to Betty... though we are forced to believe it was something heinous.

The writing was "OK", and the art was good. I did find it strange (not acceptable) that the circle with the Surfer's head on page one was drastically different than the circle with the Surfer's head on the last page... needless to say the one on the last page was far better.


Fraction should read Comic Vine to find out more about the Silver Surfer. Seriously. He has managed to create a plot device, put it in the hands of a mad man and completely "nerf" the Surfer. This upsets me. Then again, how would they justify such a powerful character being part of this "team"... when clearly at full power potential Surfer could put an end to this story's chaotic deviance. If this keeps up, I may have a difficult time continuing to pay 4 bucks per issue for this series. Queue Big Sigh.


Recommended. If you liked the first one, this one will take care of the cliffhanger and add more to the story. It is a bit campy, meaning it follows along like an old sitcom. If you like that sort of thing, or can hold your breath until the story really gets good (hoping it will), then you should enjoy this issue. If not, you may be disappointed. As you can see from my rating, I was a bit more disappointed and satisfied. The reason I am recommending this issue, is because it is only number two, in what I hope to be a longer running series (because I like these characters) and this part of the story feels important to the arc...

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