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Thinking outside the box: "Scare Me" 0

THE GOODThe story starts to unfold. There is an expected (and somewhat acceptable) twist to the leftover fight from issue one. The previous cliffhanger is resolved and we learn what kind of power Iron Fist really has...We also learn an interesting lesson from Betty - thinking outside the box. Literally. Which, unfortunately was the highlight of the issue for me. In the process, we are outsiders on what the good Doctor whispers to Betty... though we are forced to believe it was something heinous....

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A deliriously fun read that makes brave choices. 0

If this book is able to maintain the high level of quality these first two issues have displayed, then it could swiftly wind up becoming one of my absolute favorite Marvel books. The cast is a great group of characters (and set to expand with the eventual inclusions of Nick Fury and Hank Pym as well), the art is cheery and dynamic, the random bottom-of-the-page blurbs are a riot, and all in all Matt Fraction's writing (which has been very hit-and-miss this past year considering the BIG, very hig...

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The World Will End 0

Well, looks like Marvel did NOT over-promise on this title. They said The Defenders would be finding out truths about the very fabric of the Marvel Universe. This is very true. This issue continues to be just as nuts as the previous one, but in a good way. The plot of this issue makes a lot of the captions from issue 1 make sense. It wasn't quite as much fun for me as #1 was, but it's still balls-to-the-walls crazy in a way that Marvel rarely is. I think this is definitely a book to watch....

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Can The Defenders save the universe before the Nul destroys it? 0

This is my video review for the Defenders issue 2. This issue is about the Defenders trying to save the world because if an invention called the concordance is destroyed the universe will be destroyed....

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