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The deep six are an elite group of super strong fish-like New Gods. During the team's first mission on Earth, they are killed by Darksied's son Orion, but one member,Slig, had returned only to be killed once again by Orion. The team are soon restored on Earth by Darkseid in birthing chambers where it is implied they had killed Aquaman's past love Kako, the mother of his child Koryak. The team soon shows up where they do battle with Aquaman and his allies Dolphin and Koryak, where the entire team is killed in battle with the underwater heroes.

The team later shows up after being restored once again, where they battle the Supermen of America and end up being defeated again. After this they join the Secret Society where they occupy Aquaman in battle, before being defeated by the hero and his allies. The Deep Six, are soon killed by Infinity-Man, along with all of the other New Gods.

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