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De'Cine is a brutish cyborg Prince who hails from the planet Kreno. During the ' Maximum Orbit' story-arc, De'Cine brought Maxima aboard his space yacht as a prisoner. As Maxima had been banished from Almerac without a mate, the Prince of Kreno saw an opportunity to be involved in part of a plan to take Almerac back for the Krenon Empire. Phase one of the plan, staging a marriage aboard his ship and broadcasting it across the galaxy, was nearly completed. As selecting a mate was viewed with great importance in Almeracian society, if they had been married, De'Cine would have ruled Almerac through Maxima. Ultimately, the Krenon Empire had designs on handing Almerac back to the 'little four-armed brats'. Ironically, although the Krenons believe themselves to be superior due to their cyborg nature, they do also have four arms. In addition, as Maxima has given account before of her family's conquering of Sazu's race on Almerac, and creating a slave caste, evidence suggests that Sazu and De'Cine share some common ancestry.

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