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Megatron attacks Decimus

Before the war began, Decimus was a senator on Cybertron. One day, Decimus would travel to the C-12 mining outpost to relieve every miner of their duty there and also that the senate would find them new homes and jobs. However, one of the miners spoke out saying that the Senate is greedy and is simply trying to replace everyone with automation at which point a guard would kill the miner. Decimus would then try to ease the tension going on but then Megatron would throw a mining tool into Decimus' shoulder, injuring him and starting a riot which would be ended when the guards shot down all the miners and arrested the survivors. While the prisoners were being taken away, they would commandeer the ship they were on and would launch an attack on the senator to injure - but not kill him so that the main priority of the security forces would be to make sure the Decimus was alright rather than hunting them down. Much later, Megatron would order Starscream and the seekers to attack the house of Decimus with the purpose of leaving a message. As he asks Starscream why their doing what they were, Starscream responded telling him he'd have to kill him if he told him.

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