I have a Decepticons related question...

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Being a guy who's never read a transformers comic and never actually watched the series, I actually enjoyed the movies..... except for all the sexual references that kept coming... 
I'm watching Transformers: Revenge of he Fallen, which I bought two days ago, and I had this question...
Can or could Decepticons or any other bots for that matter transform into humans?

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I believe she's meant to be a Pretender, or at least based on the Pretenders.  The toys were rubbish.  A half-arsed transformer that fit inside a giant human/biological shell.  But the movement of the outer shell was severely limited... and because of the size of the shell, the Pretenders' human forms were gigantic compared to the other Transformers. 
I'm sure someone else can provide better details :)

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@xerox-kitty: Thanks... that clears it up a bit!

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