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It looks awesome! Great job. ^_^ 
Much more tidy and streamlined.

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I set a task, so a handful of different members helped out.  Having separate lists for Marvel & DC is a big help.  I'm personally grateful since there are SO many minor characters I've never head of so I wouldn't have been able to do it.  However, I've removed the alternate universes s that' just getting out of hand (especially with the Ultimate U where it's easier to list everyone who isn't dead ;)  It's best to keep it to just the mainstream universes.
And on that note... 
If anyone sees a character who has been resurrected then please remove them from this page!   
After all, they are no longer deceased.  

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I don't follow any of his book but captain america is got better from his last death right?
And do character like Dead Girl really have a place on a list like that, she did came back after her mentioned death.

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@Yumulu: LOL!  Exactly... it' such a large list I missed those two... 
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@xerox-kitty: Welll when I mentionned Dead Girl I was wondering if undead/ghost/etc (Deadman/ Gentleman Ghost/ etc) Have a place in a list like this because even if they died once they are still pretty much «alive» as a character.
Maxwell Lord is also alive right?
 It seem that many of the minor character in the list have been wrongly linked. 
I would edit them myself but I never been able to edit pages that large.
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@Yumulu: I'd say that characters who have powers based on them being dead could be on there but maybe with a note next to them to explain that they're active heroes because of the dead-based powers... That's such a weird sentence :p 
You can't edit large pages?
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@xerox-kitty:  Nope, when I try to save after editing a page with a lot of information the loading thingy that appear never resolve.
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@Yumulu: Are you running IE by any chance?
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@Yumulu:@xerox-kitty:  Don't worry i'll get on there and clean it up. and Yumulu if you spot any that i miss just PM me.
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@The Dark Huntress: Nope, firefox.


Back from the dead: Captain America(marvel),  pulled a dimensional bullet or something (I really have no idea what happened)
Cypher (marvel) 
Meggan (marvel) got better 
Namorita (marvel) apparently got better, plucked from time was the words used by the wiki editor (having a image seems to help you resurrect -.-)
 MaxWell Lord (dc),  brightest day 
( their respective image should probably be removed as well) 

Forgotten One (marvel) seem to be alive if you trust his bio
Gateway (marvel) got better 
Boston Brand / Deadman (appear under both names) [DC] , brightest day
George Harness (dc) brightest day 
Abel (vertigo) was recreated
Cain (vertigo) he's immortal so no

Duplicate:Solomon Grundy (dc) written twice ( the parademon death is the correct one, or, due to his powers, one could say that his real death was when he was trow into the sun as a black lantern)
Abin Sur (dc) written twice

Wrongly linked: Erik the Red (marvel) does not have a character page.
Unus (marvel) dead link :  http://www.comicvine.com/unus/29-3438/ 
Dove (DC) link to incorrect Dove:   http://www.comicvine.com/don-hall/29-34758/
Ragdoll (DC) should be Rag Doll :  http://www.comicvine.com/rag-doll/29-9333/ 


Dee Tyler image (in the D section of Marvel Character) should be moved in the D section of DC character.  
Some of Vertigo characters are already in the Dc list maybe we could merge the others.
That what I could find in DC/Marvel/Vertigo I wont touch the manga ones with a ten foot pole.
P.S. I am no expert so I must have missed some.
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@Yumulu: thanks. i fixed everything you listed except for the links. because for some reason it would not let me link. but i will try to fix those links tomorrow.  Thanks for helping out the vine :D
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love this thnk u those who helped mke this look so much better

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@The Dark Huntress:  I was the one who sorted out this page into categories, it took forever! lol
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I helped take out some who were ressurected, but I wasn't much.

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Shouldn't the New Gods be removed since there were all ressurected and sent to an alternate universe? (Except Orion and Darkseid)

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@Strafe Prower said:

Shouldn't the New Gods be removed since there were all ressurected and sent to an alternate universe? (Except Orion and Darkseid)

I would say yes, if they're no longer dead. 

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