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The character Debra Morgan (originally spelled "Deborah") originated in Jeff Lindsay's series of Dexter novels.


Debra was created by Jeff Lindsay.

Character Evolution

Debra was raised by police officer Harry Morgan, along with her step-brother Dexter Morgan. She idolized her now-deceased father, and became a police officer in order to gain his approval - which she never quite feels she ever had. A tomboy at heart, Deb is known for her foul mouth, short temper and steely determination. She is treated by her fellow officers as "one of the boys", and tends not to get along with other women: in particular Captain LaGuerta, with whom Deb has had a professional feud for many years.

Debra has very little confidence when it comes to personal relationships, and often covers this with bravado. This stems not only from her father issues but is also a result of her having dated - and even been briefly engaged to - Dexter's brother, the Ice Truck Killer. After a near brush with death at his hands, Deb has been left doubting her ability to judge others.

In Other Media


Jennifer Carpenter as Debra

Debra is portrayed on television by actress Jennifer Carpenter. The television version of Debra does not discover her brother's secret life until the show is in its seventh season - as opposed to the novels, in which she finds out the truth in the very first book. As in the books, Debra and Dexter are very close, and it is difficult for her to come to terms with his compulsion to kill.

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