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Remoni-Notra as Star Sapphire

Originating from the planet Pandini, Remoni-Notra was selected by the Zamarons to be their queen after the honor was refused by the Earthwoman, Carol Ferris. After being given one of the five star sapphire gems and knowledge of the other four, she came to Earth to find the gem previously used by Carol. As Star Sapphire, she joined the Secret Society of Super Villains and began her search.

On Earth, she took the name Deborah Camille Darnell and gained employment as a stewardess for Ferris Air in order to get close to Carol and obtain the location of the gem. Surprisingly, as Debbie Darnell, she would often date the hero known as Captain Comet. For some time, her whereabouts were unknown until she was found by Despero in the infirmary of Belle Reve Prison. Deborah had slipped into a coma after being mind-wiped by Justice League member, Zatanna. Deborah participated in an on assault on the Justice League with other Society members who had their memories erased. The group was defeated and mind-wiped again.

Deborah was not seen again until the event known as the Infinite Crisis when a group of magic-users gathered at Stonehenge to summon the Spectre. Before opening any discussion, the Spectre points out Darnell for the crimes she committed against men and those who would not bow down to her. Condemning her, the Spectre transforms Darnell into glass and shatters her, effectively killing the Star Sapphire.

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