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Deathwish received superhuman powers when Detonator unintentionally set off a gene bomb.


Deathwish was created by Chaos Comics' original duo, Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes.

Character Evolution

Out scavenging in Los Angeles with his teammates, he came across the Ravengers. Their fight was joined by Detonator. Roulette, his teammate, changed into the powerfull Reactor. Mindbender, a member of the Ravengers, abducted Reactor to bring back to Messiah, the underground crimelord.

Deathwish and his teammates persuaded Detonator to join them in rescuing Reactor. Forcing their way into the Compound, Mindbender influenced Deathwish to attack Detonator. Her influence over him ended, when Detonator shot Mindbender through the head.


Deathwish is impervious to bullets and explosions, making him hard to kill.

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