What are you enjoying about Deathstroke?

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Deathstroke is the only comic from the Edge group that I am no longer reading. I wasn't enjoying it. I liked him better when he was equal parts enhanced brain and enhanced body, both a master strategist and a master tactician. "I go in through the front door beacuse it was what I have always done..." doesn't fit him in my opinion.

Fans on the forums are pretty rabid about the series and I see it on a lot of people pull lists , so I feel like I am missing something.

What is it that you are enjoying about it?

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not his robo costume, thats for sure

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Now that Rob Liefeld is taking over, Deathstroke is back on my pull list.

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@jsphsmth said:

Now that Rob Liefeld is taking over, Deathstroke is back on my pull list.


The guy ruined it for me, he doesn't write in a way that makes me see deathstroke, he writes in a way that makes me see a lazy nerd writing panels. I don't see into the mind of a killer and the worlds greatest hunter; I see what a guy who probably never even got into a fist fight assumes the worlds greatest killer would be like. some of you will say "obviously" but it's not. I've seen writers (Kyle Higgins) make me see through the eyes of people they would have no affiliation with in real life, either skills or mindset, and pull it off excellently.

The man can't write in a proffessional capacity

Go to the RPG forum...seriously go! that's what his writing is like, like he wrote it in 2 hours and treated it like it was just a hobby. It's people who are dumb enough to stand behind a writer because of a few previous works, and base all after it on that work. that gives them the ability to slack now that their name garners credibility. and not their actual work.

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I originally dropped it at #3, wasn't my thing. I'm going back and reading some of the story arcs in full of the titles I dropped, and I just read #1-#8 of this. It's surprisingly competent. Filled with cliches and cheese, but it all felt so 'right', somehow. The story itself really was quite interesting in the last 2-3 issues, and the art was solid the entire time too.
I'm kinda scared about trying Liefeld's Deathstroke. Art has a slight priority over Story for me, and I'm not a fan of Liefeld's art. Never read anything written by him but everyone I tend to agree with on comics says the story was pretty lame as well...

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