Welcome to Deathstroke Fandom!

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Deathstroke Fandom is the first blog of its kind, fully dedicated the greatest mercenary in the world, Deatshtroke.

Including :

  • A character biography
  • A list of Family, Friends, and Enemies
  • A complete compilation of W.R. Wintergreen's journal entries from the Deathstroke the Terminator 90s series
  • An Archive, holding every Deathstroke comic or comic Deathstroke has appeared in since his creation to the present
  • An extensive Gallery, containing Art by every known artist to pencil/ pen/ or fully illustrate Deathstroke, from fully colored covers and spreads to mear sketched heads and busts
  • A Fanverse page, where you'll find Fanart, Fan-fics, Fan comics and an RPG Template.
  • A Merchandise page, where you'll find custom made statues, mass produced action figures, and even plushies
  • A video Forum, which will take you to Deathstroke Fandom's you-tube page, where you'll find an extensive collection of tribute videos, artist speed drawings, merchandise reviews, comic reviews, and even episodes from TV shows and movies

and look forward to posts like:

  • Comic Previews
  • Comic Reviews
  • Fan Art and Comic Artist spotlights
  • In depth character discussions, essays, and explorations
  • Past comic revisions, that catch personal reactions and emotions of past events
  • Holiday specials
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There's another journal entry in the Deathstroke Blackest Night series that you might want to add.

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@Farwind: Yes Indeed! Teen Titans Blackest Night #77... I'll add that right away. Thanks for the suggestion.

So tell me, if you don't mind, What do you think of Deathstroke Fandom?

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@Epsilon5: awesome website

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@higher_evolutionary:Oh wow. Thanks!

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The site is awesome! Thanks for compiling all of this!

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@Farwind: Whoa! Thanks. I just felt it needed to be done, and I had tons of fun creating this website. A homage to my favorite character of all time, where I hope other fans can show their love for Deathstroke too.

Feel free to comment/criticize or give suggestions anytime.

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