We need a Deathstroke videogame !

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Seriously, the world needs to know just how awesome Deathstroke is. We are getting a Deadpool game, so why not a Deathstroke game ? The team that made the Batman Arkham games should make the Deathstroke game. No PC stuff here, just Deathstroke doing his stuff as usual. Someone needs to get this show on the road.

Then I'm sure that people would appreciate the guy for what he really is : The Best of the Best.

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We can't even get a lasting Deathstroke comic, so an entire video game for him doesn't seem practical. That said, he's at least in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

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@k4tzm4n: Yeah exactly, that's what I hate about it. IMHO he is THE most badass character in DC, a tie with Batman in that department ( hell, he even defeated the Batman), and no one seems to give a damn about him.

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I think a Deathstroke video game done in a way thats like DMC would sell like pancakes. Ofcourse we need to get WB to produce it, WB have been making awesome video games from Arkham to lego to Injustice.

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What would the story be ?

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Him having his own game is an absurd concept, but it's more than likely that he'll appear in the next Arkham

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This is one of those things where people will say that's BS and he isn't popular enough. And I say to those people, learn to embrace some damn change for once and get off batmans ****. I'd play the hell out of a Deathstroke game.

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@Bluefox170: Yeah. I think he is the only guy to whom the "Batman always wins" rule does not apply. Deathstroke is the one guy in DC who has the ability and skills to circumvent all of Batman's prep time and tricks.

Make it like Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance, and it is gonna be a Blast to play lol.

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