Revamp: First Impressions

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When the first announcements were made about DC's revamp, I have to admit I was holding my breath. One: I wasn't sure if Deathstroke would even be part of this new line up, Two: I wasn't particularly sure how they would handle the character, because quite frankly they've been using and abusing his character for far too long, and depending on what direction the new team of writers and artists took, could easily go past the point of no return and forever taint the reasons us fans love the one eyed Merc, and Three: What I was most weary of, the one thing any die hard fan would most assuredly have issues with... a costume change.


But boy was I wrong! A solid 4 out of 5

I love the new costume! very stream-line, and simple, yet edgy. The few issues I have with his new costume are minor but worth mentioning, Aside from it being a bit too top heavy, I've never been a fan of the metal shoulder plate guards, they didn't work for me in the 80s and seeing them in the present day doesn't change much for me (and are those bladed wings???) , also the anime/ fantasy oversized sword is pretty sweet looking, but isn't very practicle, and the scalloped fins are more of a trademark for Batman... but I suppose I could get used to them if they stayed in the style of the second design/ sketch.



Overall I like the new look. They kept the blue and orange, although most of the orange is now at the top, orange folded over boots are replaced by metal blue spiked knight inspired boots, along with even more technical looking gloves, the long out of style orange pants are gone, and nicely replaced by a crossed belt and a big THANK YOU to whomever decided to keep at least some of the cahinmail. This new redesign has sparked a renewed excitement in me, I'm optimistic about Deathstroke's future and looking forward to him having his own series again

A metahuman mercenary who made a living taking out the toughest targets, Deathstroke will reclaim his fearsome legacy by any means necessary in DEATHSTROKE #1, a new series from rising star Kyle Higgins (Batman: Gates of Gotham) and artists Joe Bennett and Art Thibert.

Don't let me down Kyle Higgins! I'll be waiting. Until then, Thumbs up or thumbs down, What do you think of Deathstroke's new threads?



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Thumbs up! Loving the upgrade. The sword IS pretty big but I like it and think it will make him stand out more amongst most other DC Swordsmen. With him being a perfect soldier I wouldn't expect any less. I really don't have any problems at all with anything. The scalloped fins elaborate a little more on his title as the Anti-Batman and makes it a little more evident to people who won't be familiar with Slade Wilson. Really diggin the Armor and am also glad they kept some chainmail. I feel the shoulders give him a more powerful look. All in all I wouldn't change a thing, He's one of the handful of characters you can look at and immediately still tell who they are even with such a drastic change enhancing his shady, always a step ahead, badassness tenfold.

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Slade Wilson vs Bruce Wayne,MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW DC.

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I hate they try to make him look liek an Anime version of Batman, i actually liked more the Blue and Black suit that this one, it looks to anime for my taste.

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@entropy_aegis said:
Slade Wilson vs Bruce Wayne,MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW DC.
Apparently, it won't be happening any time soon. Higgins said he doesn't want to put him up against targets that plot dictates that he obviously won't be able to kill due to their overall importance as characters (he brought up Batman and Superman as specific examples).
Since this thread is devoted to the revamp, I may as well post Higgins's interview to Newsrama here.


Newsarama: Kyle, what has it been like as you've started working on these two books for the DC relaunch?

Kyle Higgins: It's been very, very exciting, but it's also a lot of work. I just want to make sure these books are the absolute best they can be. So I've only slept a couple hours a night over the last few weeks. And I'm still doing Batman: Gates of Gotham and Supreme Power for Marvel, so the extra hours I've put into Nightwing and Deathstroke have really added to the workload. But it's also great. I love these new projects I'm doing for DC, and I love being able to work with such great people and these artists and these characters. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Nrama: Let's talk about how you first heard you'd be working on Deathstroke. Was this something you started working on before you got the opportunity to write Nightwing, or later?

Higgins: Deathstroke came up first, actually. They wanted something dark and edgy but fun and kind of balls-to-the-wall. To me, Deathstroke has always been an awesome character. It's someone that I've always been fascinated by.

Art from Deathstroke #1

Over the last 10 years of so, though, I feel like he's been a little overused. Every time a villain is needed to really bump up a final reveal, Deathstroke seems to be a prime candidate. And that's cool in one way, because he's a great character. But the problem is that he always loses. So at a certain point you start to look at the character and go, "Why is this guy supposed to be scary again?" That's something that I really wanted to counter.

So, this is a book where Deathstroke is a major badass. We're going to show why he's the greatest mercenary assassin in the DC Universe.

We'll be playing with some superhero stuff, but primarily, at this point, it's about the mercenary underworld, and the impossible jobs and impossible targets that he's going after.

Nrama: How would you describe Deathstroke?

Higgins: To me, Deathstroke is the best he is at what he does. I hate to use the Wolverine line, but that's how I would describe him. He's a meta-human mercenary. He's got enhanced reflexes, speed, strength... and on top of that, he's a master strategist. He's using something like 96 percent of his brain. So there's a lot of manipulation and there's a lot of strategy in everything he does.

He's at a level where, to him, it's all kind of a game. Life, the world, etc., is there to be played. And killing and doing what he does for his legacy or his reputation -- that's the absolute most important thing to him. Family dies, friends disappoint, but legacy is forever.

Everything he's doing at this point is built on that idea. Without it, he doesn't have much else.

Nrama: In recent years, there has been a lot of development of Deathstroke as he relates to his kids. Will that be part of this comic?

Higgins: No, this is Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, on his own, redefining himself and re-establishing why he is the most bad-ass killer/mercenary in the DC Universe.

Nrama: You mentioned the underworld of the DC Universe. Will you be explaining what that is in the post-Flashpoint DCU?

Higgins: Yeah. That's something that's a lot of fun so far, because it's exploring this world of killers and hit men and mercenaries within the context of a world with superheroes. How do they operate? How do they get by?

art from Deathstroke #1

In some ways, it's similar to what Geoff Johns was doing with the Rogues in Flash. But while I always felt that, when I read the Rogues in Flash, at least some of them had a code of honor, that doesn't really exist among the people operating in this underworld.

So we get to explore questions like how do they operate? How do they stay in business? Who hires them for jobs? And what really goes on behind the scenes?

Nrama: So are you getting to use characters who existed before, but also using new ones?

Higgins: Yeah. There are a couple missions already that are playing off certain characters. The thing that's tricky with a book like this is making it sustainable. And there are two things that go into that. The first is, the characters and targets and missions that he's going after, especially if you set him up as a big mercenary hit man. I mean, who's he killing?

The reality is that I want him to succeed. I want him to be this fully fleshed out character who doesn't get beaten every time by some superhero. I want him to actually be re-establishing himself and completing his mission and taking out his targets. But throwing him up against Batman or Superman or some of the bigger superheroes means obviously, he's not going to be able to kill them. Readers now that's not a realistic result in this comic. But at the same time, I don't want to just bring in C-list villains for him to kill.

So I'm working to find that line where he has missions that are interesting and exciting, but will surprise readers in terms of whether or not Slade completes them and is successful.

I also don't want to make him an antihero. I don't want to turn him into a good guy. That's always the tendency when you write a villain, is trying to make him likable to readers. I understand that readers want to identify with the main character of a book, but with someone like Slade, my goal is to let the readers understand him and understand the philosophy behind what he does as opposed to necessarily liking him and wanting to sit down with him for dinner.

Nrama: Then it sounds like he'll have a series of missions. Will this be a series of single stories that you can pick up at any time? Or will you be building a bigger story as you go?

Higgins: There's definitely a bigger story that's running through Deathstroke, but at the same time, it is very episodic, in terms of the missions. Right now, my first couple issues, every issues is a different mission. They're building toward a goal. They all have a specific goal in mind. He's trying to accomplish something specific as a character, but at the same time, there is an undercurrent and there is something that's playing through the story. You'll have to wait and see what that is.

Nrama: With an artist like Joe Bennett, what does he bring to the table?

Higgins: He absolutely loves drawing Deathstroke more than any artist I've ever met. His work for issue #1 is so kick-ass. Joe's stuff is energetic. It's vicious. It's a lot of fun. It's perfect for Deathstroke and the crazy stuff I'm writing for him.

Nrama: I guess this would be pretty crazy, because you have to come up with different ways for Slade to complete his missions, right?

Higgins: Yeah. I'm definitely playing up a lot of the strategy and manipulation that Deathstroke is so good at doing.

My favorite Deathstroke appearance, still to this day, is the sequence in Brad Meltzer's Identity Crisis, where Deathstroke is taking on the JLA, but you see how every action that he's performing is not quite for the reason you think it is. He's literally outsmarted the JLA, and he's one, two or something three steps ahead of each member. You can see the wheels turning as he's taking them down, one by one. And that's something that I think works so well for the character. And it's something that I'm trying to bring to the book.

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I'm not too fond of the new look. It seems a little too over-the-top, especially compared to the current look, which was simple but still had that sense of presence about it. But, I do like how he has a "Teen Titan's Go" style helmet over the mask, and no orange undies is a plus too. 
And he doesn't have shoulder-spikes/wings on the cover. Maybe that bit of the design was ditched? (a choice for the better, imo)

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The only cool thing abou the new suit is the helmet, the rest of the suit just freacking sucks.
does any one else thinks, this is an anime version of BaTermiantor on crack?

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I like the first look better than the second. I think the book will be awesome though.
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While I like his standard costume better, this new one is pretty cool. Like most people, I'm having an issue with the gigantic sword, but everything else is sweet. It'd be awesome if they took what they had here and streamlined it to fit more with his fighting style. 
Awesome! thanks for posting that interview! It made me a little nervous, particularly considering part of what makes Deathstroke such an awesome character is his strange code of honor. I hope Higgins pulls a lot of his inspiration for Deathstrokes actions from Marv Wolfman's statement:  "He has depth. He has morality, and that morality is not a typical one."  
It's awesome to know he'll be back to his old calling again! and this time he's actually going to be able to succeed!
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@Farwind: No problem.
I wish Slade would actually follow Wolfman's definition of his code, but in more recent years, writers have derailed the character to the point he has engaged in actions he never would have under Wolfman's pen. I'm really excited he'll have his own on-going once more, but some of Higgins' answers make me a bit nervous about his characterisation of Slade. We'll see, though. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't rooting for a Deathstroke book all the way from the point the DC relaunch was announced.

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