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Ideas for a Deathstroke Video Game.

So there are a handful of characters in the DC universe that deserve a great game of their own. It's my hope that everyone's favorite characters can enter the spotlight of mass media in some way or another. Whether it be a live action motion picture, animated film, tv series, or even appear on fan items such as the ones you find at There are many potential gold mines in the realm of comic books, you just have to know where to look. In this case we'll be talking about a video game.. a Deathstroke video game.

Deathstroke snatching Wonder Woman's lasso.

Media History

Keep in mind I'd love to see Deathstroke in movies, live action and animated, and perhaps even in an animated series again but in this topic we'll just be focusing on gaming for now. Now, it's no secret that I'm a big time Deathstroke fan. In fact, if Marv Wolfman and George Perez didn't have the creative talent to create such a character in 1980 I probably wouldn't be reading comics today. Over the years Slade Wilson A.K.A. Deathstroke has had his own on-going titles including Deathstroke the Terminator, He's lead a team of Titans, and is now currently at the top of his game in DEATHSTROKE written by Kyle Higgins. Slade has appeared on shows such as Teen Titans (voiced by the talented Ron Perlman) he also played a major role in the final season of Smallville. Deathstroke has been in Video Games like Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and DC Universe Online, and has even been in the DC Universe Animated Original Movie: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths where he is the President of the United States in a parallel universe. By now a lot of you are probably wondering, why Deathstroke? Why should Deathstroke the Terminator get a video game when there are still other mainstream characters that need video game treatment?

Why not any other character?

Let me tell you that although a Deathstroke video game is a dream of mine.. I didn't come to the conclusion that it would be a huge success based on a biased opinion. First thing a lot of people think of when they want a video game based on a comic book these days is FLASH! AQUAMAN AGAIN! SUPERMAN AGAIN! A WORTHY GREEN LANTERN GAME! Bat fans are usually like BATMAN FOREVER!! and then every now and then you'll get that one guy ...WONDER WOMAN!! ... yeah? ... no..? okay.. So why not these characters? The answer is quite simple actually. As nice as it would be to have these characters in a video game right now or ANOTHER video game it all comes down to one thing. Gameplay mechanics.

Picture a Flash game with where we are in the gaming industry right now. You got this guy running at the speed of light... You're going to need a map the size of the universe to play in. Plus, the bigger your free roam map the less work that goes into the detail and textures of the world. Not to mention all the pop-up! Now an Aquaman game.. a second one actually. At least 50% of the game would be underwater based and the other 50% on land. 10-20% of that water containing actual structures to traverse. I don't know about you but I've never enjoyed games where swimming is a crucial part to a games element. Perhaps Superman? I played the last one, it wasn't fun at all. You're the man of steel, in Metropolis, a city resembling that of New York and you have all the powers anybody could ever want. You're nearly indestructible and it feels like you have every single cheat code activated. Where's the fun in that? Now in order to counter your juggernaut status they throw very weird creatures and robots at you to battle and it just loses all sense of fun. Green Lantern? I don't expect to see one of these for a fairly long while since we just got the movie game. Frankly I'm all Hal Jordaned out. Maybe fans will get a spotlight on New Guardians down the road. Anyhow etc etc..

DC Universe Online equipment.

Why Deathstroke?

Now, getting back on track.. Deathstroke has the perfect formula for a video game. Think of it like batman arkham city, just on the flipside of the coin as a villain and a larger range of free roam space to hunt in.

Side Missions

Deathstroke is a mercenary for hire. Throughout the game you can fulfill certain contracts as side missions for currency with which you use to purchase all of your upgrades, weapons, Safe-houses that also contain your armory, trophy rooms, and so on. These contracts may include: Assassination of heroes and villains alike, Search and Destroy, Reconnaissance, Protection of potential targets, Maybe a client sends you into an ambush, Hijacking transportation of interest, Perhaps you even play double agent to see who's going to offer you the best reward to side with them. The possibilities for side missions are endless. It would be cool to find something reminiscent to New 52 Deathstroke #1 where he jumps from one plane to another and kills everyone inside but not before planting some c4 and skydiving out of that bird.


A Deathstroke game much like his books would have a much larger underlying main story. In this story there would be VERY important contracts given to you that are crucial to the story as well as personal missions that tie into each other creating a nice flow. I see the game starting out in the middle one of Deathstrokes contracts, perhaps all goes well, or maybe all goes wrong. Whatever the outcome, we are taken back to a time, a time when Slade was in the Army. As a tutorial we get to play through a montage of him proving himself to be the best warrior until the fateful day when he unknowingly volunteers to be the first subject for the super soldier serum. After that everything fades to white and we are faced with a cutscene/montage of the major events that happened after that particular day that lead us to the present or perhaps they are spread throughout the story as flashbacks to show how Deathstroke

1. Lost his eye 2. Got discharged from the army 3. Lost his first son 4. How his wife died

5. How his best friend/mentor Wintergreen died

6. How he became Deathstroke the Terminator (And other important facts like these)

Mk vs. DCU.

Throughout the story we shouldn't necessarily be tied down to the comics. The perfect example being the Arkham games. It should be it's own story with plots and twists by whatever developers hands are on it. However it would be nice to have SOME main story missions that nod to certain moments in Deathstrokes history, such as: His fight with the Justice League, The time he destroyed Bludhaven with Chemo, His rivalries with Green Arrow and Nightwing, His vendetta against the Teen Titans, and so on.. Obviously free roam is a must after the end story credits as well.


The game doesn't have to be based anywhere in particular unless the story calls for it. Deathstroke goes wherever his expertise is needed so one moment you could have him in Gotham and the next in Metropolis and then in the Legion of Doom. Doesn't matter.


Melee fighting (Fists, Swords, Staffs, Knifes) should be a lot like Arkham city, combo's and retaliation attacks with the looseness of Tim Drakes gameplay. When it comes to guns, aiming would probably ideally be over the shoulder like Uncharted mixed with some Splinter Cell, be able to hang from ledges, pipes, etc and be able to shoot. Also be able to run and gun as you do in Uncharted as well. Don't forget the execution moves. Any of Slades execution moves should be ones not to forget any time soon. In regards to Slade's movement he is quite the acrobat and possesses the strength that is equal to ten men giving him the ability to maneuver through any cityscape quickly.

Decision Making

Throughout the main story there should be a few moments where you are forced to make crucial decisions that could change the course of your mission, and perhaps effect allegiances and future jobs. Nothing that tips you over into good morality or anything like that, just simply a reap what you sow type of deal that you can find in games like Deus Ex, Fallout, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls.


I got the idea that unlockable skins wouldn't be a bad idea as well from someone online. Like his animated Teen Titans look, his DC Universe online trailer equipment, or even his New 52 armor. That is if either of those last 2 aren't the default look by the time the games made. There could also be hidden collectibles such as in most other games, though I don't know exactly what these could be, perhaps excerpts from Wintergreens journal. Once found it could unlock an accompanying greater treasure that corresponds to that journal page like a short clip about what's written or maybe even concept art. Every 1/4th or 1/2 you find should give you an Achievement/Trophy.

Deathstroke running through a war zone to get to his target.


All in all Deathstroke is a perfect character to make a game about. Once you get some advertising with some epic trailers, explosions, combat, music, it would be tough NOT to sell. The best part is that the majority of people that watched the animated Teen Titans series quite a while back are all in the their mid to late teenage years of age now. It would appeal to them as well as adults, it's a great time. As soon as they saw Deathstroke in advertising they would automatically make the connection and want to buy the game especially if Slade was voiced by Ron Perlman. That duo shall be a reality once again! The badassness that is the game itself would sell it to everyone else.

I know this was all pretty long. Believe it or not I tried to make it as short as I could. If you agree with the idea of a Deathstroke game being an awesome idea you should leave a comment! If you have anything to add or something that you would change feel free to share! Also, don't be shy to use the link to this topic if given a good opportunity to spread the word. The more hype the better!

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Deathstroke would rule in a game of his own

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Those ideas are awesome man. And yes free roam will be the bomb.

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@BlackArmor: No doubt!

@fury714: Thanks Fury, it sure would!

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@Bluefox170: Your right, him and a lot of other characters should and/or could be in some great games. Especially on how many weapons some of them could utalize and their hand to hand abilities, just fits perfect into the systems used to create games. Really when i think about it, there are a lot more characters who use weapons and don't have any drastic powers that would enable an easy victory who's games would be better than those for superman or flash ect. I am all for a Deathstroke game and if one is ever made, this should be the concept used, but i do have one quick question. understand his abilities and what not fit perfectly, but what about health. I mean i understand he has the regenerating factor to simply do a quick getaway and get health back within just a few seconds, but how could he be killed, or would you just keep it to were enough bullets and damage would eventually kill him?

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@RScottH08: Yes sir, just give him health regeneration. Just like wolverine in X-Men Origins or Even Master Chief in Halo. Since this would be a video game if you can't find cover and you get hammered with enough weapons or artillery to bring your health down before you can regenerate you would eventually K.O. or Die. Either way Slade would be too incapacitated and exposed to the point where he can't finish what he's doing at that moment, giving a perfect reason to revert to a last checkpoint.

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Deathstroke game? Free roam with assassination missions etc.? Voiced by Ron Perlman? I THINK SO!

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This would be a dream. Give it to the people who made the Arkham games and I'm sure they'd come up with something fantastic.

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A bit of a late reply but that my friend is a 5 star post.

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While I like the idea, (it would totally work) I would rather see one other character. I know he's originally like a carbon copy of deathstroke, but I would rather see Deadpool just for that fact that you'd get nearly all of the above, plus his odd dark humor, and a couple chances to break the fourth wall or have insane dialogue with other characters. But it's cause I like the dark comedy along with the action that I say this. Either character, Deathstroke or Deadpool would be AWESOME in a free roam video game set like Arkham City. And much respect on the breakdown of the game possibilities. It's great.

Oh, and with Deadpool you could have a two player storyline where one of you play as Cable. just thought that'd be fun to add.

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@tones28: Thanks Tones, I would have to agree. and it's all good I check back whenever I have an update. Still stand by this 100 percent!

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@DeadJester: Glad you enjoyed the post Jester, I too am a fan of dark humor though I never ventured into Deadpool comics thoroughly. However, I know enough about him too be able to tell that the feel of both games would be completely different, It would be like the difference between say, Assassins creed and Saints Row the Third. The sad truth about this though is that your Deadpool game is no doubt guaranteed because your Deadpool movie is in the works. What comes along with superhero movies? Movie games, and I don't see extra developers competing any time soon to see who makes the better Deadpool game. It would decrease sales dramatically because some people would buy the movie game and some people would purchase the more professionally made game. So while Deadpool would get his movie and his movie game, that lets developers jump on a professional Deathstroke game. More power to marvel though if they find someone to make a redeeming Deadpool game down the road.

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@Bluefox170: thats true. marvel will probably go with a movie game first which means they will ruin it and will probably never make another cause they will blame the character rather than the movie. its sad marvel doesnt put more pride in their games like DC did with the arkham games. but that sets dc up to slam marvel with a reply game using deathstroke and really putting the effort into it. hell, id be happy if they could settle a deal with marvel where you could download a deadpool skin and some rather crazy dialogue since everyone knows deadpool is basically just a more unstable deathsroke. i mean, the guy shoots himself in the head for fun (which would be an awesome option in a deadpool game. you get bored, hit up and y on the 360 controller and bam, shot to the head taking mild damage and he laughs maniacally lol).

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@DeadJester: Haha, I'd be down with that.

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@Bluefox170: Not a bad idea at all, but odds are we'd get a Deadpool game(I know he's Marvel) before a Deathstroke game. Reasons why are popularity(Even if it might be dying out a little now), funny and kooky behavior, and the ability to be a serious character(When written well anyway). All of the things you listed would also translate into a good Deadpool game as well.

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@Mr. Dead Pool: Thank you, and I covered this above.. He most certainly would get a game but it would more than likely be a movie game. And there wouldn't be a professional game made any time soon due to competition and causing both companies in the equation to take a critical loss in sales.

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@bluefox170: Don't worry; we're getting a Deadpool game and a Deathstroke game this year if you think about it (I'm more amped for Deathstroke though), because, in Arkham Origins, if you pre-order the game, you'll get Deathstroke as a playable character.

So pre-order Arkham Origins if you want to play as Deathstroke guy! Because he looks super badass in that game!

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Maybe in the game let make him more like a anti hero. And have put alternate costume

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Based on Arkham Origins's post-credit scene I'm thinking a Deathstroke game just might actually happen.

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Definitely would want this to happen, he is my favourite DC comic character.

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these ideas are just genius but not sure about having Ron Perlman voicing Deathstroke because he is the more evil voice and if you are making him an anti hero then have the one from Arkham Origins voicing him but thats my opinion.

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I designed a case :)

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A deathstroke game would be awesome but feel that him with suicide squad would be amazing. Deathstroke, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, Vixen, King Shark....that be a nice game.

I wonder if the end of Arkham Origins and Black Gate where just Easter Egg to whwre comic and movies where going or will we see a Suicide Squad game made by WB Montreal that made arkham origins. It's a way to keep Arkham verse alive after Arkham Knight and Rocksteady make JLA or Superman game. Arrow be good game too.

Please let this happen with Deathstroke leading the way!!!! Comic style him doing it for the contract money not cuz he has a bomb in neck like comicbook right now

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I completely agree with this if they made it free roam and sort of like a Watch Dogs game were you get a target and have to search the city to find him and throw in a little bit of Dishonored were you can decide if the person on the side missions is worth killing and if you don't kill them it can have good or bad consequences like they could help you in a future side mission or they will send a different group of assassins after you. Also if its rated M that way we can have something like him chopping a enemy's head off or turning around and shooting someone through the head. Could also be a challenge map DLC were you have to fight all of the Justice League. As well as I think it should be were you can fly to other cities like Gotham.

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