Deathstroke the Terminator, One of the Most Ruthless Villains in the DC Universe

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought who thought that Identity Crisis fight scene was a load of nonsense that SHOULD NOT be celebrated. Deathstroke is a great character, but Meltzer had such a huge fanboy crush on him, that he made the Justice League members idiots just so Deathstroke would look good. When he fought the Teen Titans, he was shown constantly moving around and employing different techniques against them, and the Titans still gave him hell. There is nothing cool about watching him stand in one spot and take out the likes of Hawkman and Black Canary like they're weaklings. That fight could have been something grand, but instead it was fanboy favoritism.

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@Skunkstein: You mean Slade?

Yes, sarcasm isnt the clearest thing in a written comment, lol.

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The ultimate badass

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@RayBlasterG: Well said I don't get all the Rob Liefeld hate the only crime he is guilty of is bad art. If people don't like him just for that they should get at Romita Jr as well but very few people complain about him compared to Liefeld.

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really good read

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Makes the version from the Teen Titans cartoon look like a Doctor Doom knockoff

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I don't know if Identity Crisis is the best example of Slade's bravado, not that it's lame, but just more of an example of fan worship. Deathstroke is the world's best tactical thinker, working every muscle and brain fiber in his being in not olny holding his ground among metahumans, but repeatedly besting them. In Identity Crisis, Deathstroke barely moved a muscle and took down eight superheroes standing in place, yet lost his shit when he was stabbed in a dead eye. Deathstroke is more of a Xanatos than a Luthor, and that's what makes him so awesome. If they do ever make a Teen Titans movie, while I'm sure Steven Lang can keep his cool, I agree with the idea of Daniel Craig as Wilson, since the biggest complaint against him as a Bond--a lack of swagger form others like Brosnan or Connery--would work brilliantly in this character.

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My only complaint? The fact most of these super-moves would KILL most of the other characters straight away!!!! But hey, it's a mindless action game, I can live with it.

Actually it's a fighting game not an action game.

Tomato tomawto,

More like Tomato orange. They are two different genres. It's like saying a FPS is just like an RTS or puzzle game. Or that a comic book is just a slow movie.

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Love it.

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