Deathstroke: Anti-hero, anti-villain or villain?

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Poll: Deathstroke: Anti-hero, anti-villain or villain? (44 votes)

Anti-hero 25%
Anti-villain 39%
Villain 36%

How would you identify Slade?

Personally I think of him as more of an anti-villain as though his morality more immediately identifies with "bad guys" or villains, he doesn't act out in the name of evil but rather following 'his word is his bond' principle. In this sense Slade acts according to a code; a standard he sets to regulate himself. It's not a completely immoral code as his goal isn't the destruction of worlds or people outright, but it's certainly fairly murky. Still, he will team up with protagonists to take down common enemies. True villains would never rationalize doing such things unless it involved foiling the heroes' plan. Anti-villains and anti-heroes, however, don't mind doing mutually beneficial things if its more logical for them. Anyway, that's my feeling on it.

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He's a villain. He primarily kills people for money. His goal is to kill people for money. On a secondary note he'll team up with protagonists to take down common enemies, but plenty of villains do that too. Zod teamed up with Superman to fight Brainiac on New Krypton, Bane teamed up with Batman against King Snake, etc.

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a villain with anti-villain tendencies

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he do what he want.

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He's a anti-villain

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Mercenary, if he has to works with heroes or be heroic, he will be heroic.

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anti villain like the pre grant morrison pre tony daniel pre 52 jason todd was

p.s thats at least 4 crappy writter crapping on jason god i hate you dc

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More of a villain.

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I think it really depends on whose writing him, he could be anti-hero or full on villain. I prefer when he sort of a mixture of both, its make him more compelling.

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Marv Wolfman's 60 issue "Deathstroke the Terminator" series is probably one of my favorite series of all time, and that's how I like seeing him portrayed; as a mercenary anti hero. However over the years he became more villainous to the point of becoming a straight up villain. In the new 52 he's become sort of an anti hero again, but I just find New 52 Deathstroke extremely boring.

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He's a mercenary meaning all of the above

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He's not a villain in the sense that he's not 'evil'. If you say he's a villain because he devoted his life to crime, then yes, he is. I say he's an anti-villain because anti-heroes usually do immoral things for a noble cause, and Slade's cause is money. Slade isn't evil for evil's sake though, he just does what can be considered as evil things.


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