Deathstroke and the Recently Announced Revamp.

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   So, of course this revamp of the DC universe has gotten everyone all stirred up about what is going to happen to their favorite stories and favorite characters. I see people speaking of the dark knight and what of him may change. What would become of Superman, The man of steel himself? Will he lose his super speed so that the flash may have his spotlight? what will happen with Lois Lane? These are all definitely worthwhile things to think about, BUT I was utterly shocked to find no trace of ANYONE at all worrying about what the future holds for DEATHSTROKE THE TERMINATOR as of yet. Now, there may be something out there that I missed but i have gone to the edge of the web and back and found nothing of the sort. The closest thing I could find was an interview with Jimmy Palmiotti (Writer of Flashpoint's mini: Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager) done by CBR news where he was asked...

 After August, will you be climbing onboard a REVAMPED "Titans" to write Deathstroke full time, or joining any of the new creative teams of other DC books?Palmiotti responded with... 
  • "The first rule of Flashpoint is not to talk about what happens after Flashpoint." I will not be writing "Titans," but cannot say more than that. Let's just say, September and the months that follow are going to be some exciting times in the history of DC Comics and I am glad to be part of it."
   A friend of mine mentioned that he saw a quick news update on G4 about DC's "Titans". He said they thought Deathstroke was popular enough to carry his OWN book without all the dead weight, or at the very least have him jump from book to book as a secondary character. Probably an antagonist hunting down super heroes for profit. I was told "quote" that "Titans, wasn't a priority" Now I don't know how genuine this G4 news is as I did not catch it myself, so confirmation from anyone on that would be nice as well, but I could understand..  It wouldn't make since to have "Titans" around if they where for whatever reason to erase most of the Teen Titans continuity (If this revamp turned out to actually be that extreme.. lots of skeptics out there.) I believe a  Co-Publisher of DC Comics recently just said something along the lines of "Who said anything about erasing continuity" not in those exact words but you get the point. It's all I have to go on so far besides the covers of future issues of "Titans" I found online already drawn up and ready to go for the months ahead  and judging by the future plot info they where just warming things up when all this was announced. Only time will tell, but I would like to know what everyone else thinks. Should Deathstroke have his own book? Do you think DC will have a revamped "Titans" #1 after Flashpoint? OR will they toss out "Titans" and not give Slade anything at all leaving him to pop in and out of stories of heroes down on their luck until he catches a break?
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Honestly, I don't think the older Titans as a team, in their own book, are a priority for TPTB. I'll be soooo happy if I'm wrong.  I don't care what happens to Slade. I can't stand him.
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Look, in all reality, lets be honest, it doesnt matter what g4 or anyone but dc comics themselves say. that beeing said, yes i do believe deathstroke is easily popular enough to carry his own comic. the only prob is with so many new titles being announced, its getting down to the chopping block, and there is alot dc wants to do with so little space left.

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