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Roussimoff next moved to Montreal, Canada, where he became an immediate success, regularly selling out the Montreal Forum.[15] However, promoters eventually ran out of plausible opponents for him and, as the novelty of his size wore off, the gate receipts dwindled.[13] Roussimoff wrestled numerous times in 1972 for Verne Gagne's American Wrestling Association (AWA) as a special attraction until Valois appealed to Vince McMahon, Sr., founder of the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) for advice.[16] McMahon suggested several changes. He felt Roussimoff should be portrayed as a large, immovable monster. To enhance his size, McMahon discouraged Roussimoff from performing maneuvers such as dropkicks. He also began billing Roussimoff as "André the Giant" and set up a travel-intensive schedule, loaning him to wrestling associations around the world,[11][17][18] to keep him from becoming over-exposed in any area.[13] Promoters had to guarantee André a certain amount of money, as well as pay McMahon's WWF a booking fee.[19]

Now, lets talk about Deathstroke, sure the guy is popular, saddly he gets booked as Green Arrow villain in the show, besides that he was booked for too long in the Teen Titans.

The main problem with Deathstroke, is that he shouldnt be some one villains for too long or if is having a feud, being not on going, but facing his enemies from time to time.

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