Amazing Deathstroke Statue by Kotobukiya

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Thanks a lot, Katzman. Did you have to post this?

Now that I know this exists, well...

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@jonny_rogers: I doubt it has anything to do with deadpools success. Deathstroke is getting the push he is because he is a great character that has potential to shine in every medium. Games creators and show writers alike are coming to realize that slade has and will always be top tier and are trying to bring him up from underneath the radar.

Agreed. In fact, DS has always been a great character that is being pushed by DC. Final Crisis anyone?

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@citizenbane said:

I can't be the only person who thinks Slade could give Nightwing a run for his money based on that third image alone.

That is a seriously good amount of detail on his face, though.

no see Nightwing 20, slade doesn't even compare...

LMAO its like, watch the throne for Dick

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Kotobukiya really hits it home with these statues. I'm blown away O_O

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@dabee said:

Thanks a lot, Katzman. Did you have to post this?

Now that I know this exists, well...

Yes, I had to! I mean, how could I not?! It's... so... beautiful.

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I had no idea. yup so buying one.

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The price is 119.99

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This is where I just don't get DC at all. He featured in Injustice, he is a main character and fan favourite in Arrow and he is being pushed into the fore front of marketing for Arkham Origins. Now he is getting his own kotobukiya 12" statue. And they cancel his comic book title?! I understand sales were down, but at least let the current creative team work on it a bit longer so they can repair the damage done by Liefeld before making any decisions. I mean, all this exposure Deathstroke has been getting is bound to boost his sales.

All ranting aside, this is one amazing statue, I've never purchased a statue before, but I am without a doubt buying this as soon as I can gather the necessary funds.

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I have yet to read any of his stuff, so maybe it is explained in there... but what the heck are those things on his back (the strange ladder like devices)?

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Dat ass... Well, guess I know how to put it in my showcase... Face to the wall :D Nah, that's not an option. This is way to awesome... Now I know. Gotta have two of 'em.

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