dark_noldor's Deathstroke the Terminator Annual #3 - Journey's End review

Savior of Humanity

This is an Elseworld´s story and it´s bad. Slade is now more than 300 years old and he´s the sole survivor in an apocaliptcal future where human race is hunted down by a bunch of mutants named Genetix. In a mix of Terminators meet Mad Max, Slade wilson becomes the messiah and champion of a dwelling society living in the wrecks of Washington DC, leading them to harm´s way. Ed Benes is a very good penciler, but without a good plot and narrative, it´s hard to enjoy his art; except when there´s a little action (Slade and his "army" against the Genetix) this issue becomes a little more interesting, but no enough to salvage it. There aren´t good dialogues, only a few captions balloons of Wade´s thoughts. Avoid this issue, this is not good. ´Nuff said.
2 out 5

 After a bonfire of Slade...

 He regenerates and with the same beard!!! Amazing!!!
Posted by Trodorne

lol the beard is forever and no more. good review.

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